My Top Worry Free Baby Care Products

As a first time mom I was adamant about giving my son the very best. Prior to my pregnancy I was slowly moving toward adopting a more natural healthy lifestyle which included more earth friendly, free & clear products. In this regard I also wanted nothing less for my son. Baby's are so delicate and… Continue reading My Top Worry Free Baby Care Products

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How to Kick Start Your Mornings

Looking to get your days off to a good start. Here are a few tips on how to kick start your mornings and create a near perfect day where you meet your daily goals and help create the life that you dream of.

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George Floyd

I cried because I saw a black man who was somebody's son, husband, father, brother, uncle, cousin and friend plead for his life while another man knelt on his neck with a smug look on his face almost as if he somehow got pleasure from feeling another mans life leave his body. I cried because I wish I could have helped him.

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10 Tips on How to Make the Most out of Quarantine and Curfew through a Pandemic

After the initial shock of this news I decided that I needed to find ways to get on top of this situation and not allow it to kill me. Other than ensuring that my family and myself were kept safe and healthy I concluded that this downtime needed to be worth something, so I focused on finding positive ways to spend my time. Directing my energy toward positive activities would allow me to actually get through this very difficult period with less anxiety and worry and also allow me to make significant progress in several areas of my life.


Be Your Best Self; Someone Else May Need It!

Recently while reflecting the thought came to me that sometimes we dim our light to protect the feelings of others. Sometimes we shrink ourselves and play down our full potential because we fear the criticism of others. There is no need to shrink or fear. Your blooming may be just what is needed to motivate… Continue reading Be Your Best Self; Someone Else May Need It!